For the fifth year running, Beetle Juice took one of our beautiful bars out to party with her VW friends in Weston Park for the festival’s 10th anniversary.
3 Days, 1,500 drinks and 96 man-hours from 4 of our quality mixologists later – the team trundled the 175 mile journey back down the dreaded M1: exhausted, hungry and hungover. Battered and bruised and we still cannot WAIT to do it all again next year!
Check out the festival after-movie for a taste of life in the VW community!

Cocktails are definitely what we do best BUT, here is a fun fact for you: Company owner and director Julian Gomma is known for his soft spot for the friendly and furry. Therefore, it would come as little surprise that Beetle Juice was back for the second year running at Vetfest 2017. Here’s Jonny showing supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick how to mix a Gin Fix behind the bar at this year’s event in Losely Park, Surrey.

Back at Wireless for our biggest year yet!

Sun-drowned and with queues for miles, the team took on Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park, serving some of our best drinks to what felt like every single one of the 50,000 daily attendees!

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