Staff In Givenchy Branded Bar

The Client & Their Brief

During covid Givenchy still wanted to engage with macro influencers. So basically anyone with 100,000 – 1M followers. Doing this indoors just wasn’t an option, as guidelines stated only meetings outside could take place.

The objectives were to showcase a rage of Givenchy’s new makeup and perfume range of rose based products on the side of the road at various locations around London. We were to meet influencers, pop open the roof of the vehicle have one of Givenchy’s team talk about their products.

On top of this we designed a bespoke menu of rosé based cocktails, champagne and soft drinks.

What We Did

We drove to 15 different locations across two days, we’d simply park up in a space near to where the influencer meetings were to take place, drop a pin on whatsapp and the client would then come down to sample some of the products whilst getting a rosé themed drinks that we’d created.

Each influencer would receive and goodie bag and would have to tag Givenchy products on their social media platforms to make consumers aware that make up was still important even when locked up at home as at that time lipstick sales had dropped.

Staff Making Cocktails in Givenchy Bar


The Results

The showcase was extremely successful as we managed to meet with 15 different influencers with a total reach of over 3 million followers.

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